University of Tartu opened a world-class campus “siirdemeditsiinikeskus” ( SIME ), which creates ultra-modern environment for research. Total cost of the centre was 8.7 million euros.

Experimental animal center manager Mario Plaas said that the house includes several research units, like the center for molecular biology, the center for animal models and the center for hazardous and genetically modified pathogens.

” There was not such lab where you could explore the serious viral infection in vivo or in animals, ” said Plaas .

In addition, centre includes high-technology core facilities. For example, DNA sequencing with Next-Generation Sequencers for research and clinical purposes.  This centre can sequence the human genome in about a week. The centre also includes storage facilities for biological samples which are kept in a temperature of minus 150 degrees .

The most remarkable technology the centre has is  9.4  Tesla magnetic resonance spectroscope (MRI or MRS), which is made ​​specifically for studies on small animals. This technology helps researchers to look at the inside of organs and can be used for in vivo imaging. This technology helps to reduce the number of experimental animals used for biomedical research.

Laboratory Animal Center can hold about 25,000 mice and 7,000 rats in cages. All animals are kept in individually ventilated cages and researcher get instant feedback from animal house over the internet.