Mario Salmona, Chair of the Small Molecules Product Platform

Small Molecules represent a field with a large number of new drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. In the industrial approach, small molecule leads are currently generated by high-throughput screening of large chemical libraries. Many of the identified candidate drugs are abandoned for a variety of commercial or tactical reasons. In addition, new leads come also from serendipitous observation in the basic science biology department. Lack of efficacy discovered in the late phase of development is one of the primary drivers of the enormous costs and inefficiency of the current model of development.

EATRIS Small Molecule Product Platform increases the efficiency of the translational phase, firstly by using state-of-the-art technologies to increase the early rate of dismissal for lack of efficiency, and secondly to focus on further developing active compounds which have previously been ignored for economic reasons.

EATRIS Small Molecules Product Platform and its partners have capacity and expertise available to perform focused screens with innovative compound classes with the ability to use primary human (cancer) cell lines. Experts in EATRIS institutions are available to support the pre- and early clinical assessment of highly innovative molecular compositions, including nanocarrier formulations and cell toxic agents.

Capacity for pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics studies and evaluation of the outcome of non-clinical toxicology studies is available.

In addition, the strict integration with the clinical experts from different specialisation and the support of the emerging and innovative technologies of imaging, tracer and novel biomarker identification will increase the rate of early identification for toxicity and efficacy reducing the cost and the average time to market for the successful new leads. The use of small Phase 0 clinical trials in conjunction with cohorts of ideally characterized patients enhances translational efficiency.

By assembling top European infrastructure and expertise in academic drug development, EATRIS Small Molecules group bridges the translational gap, fostering innovation and collaboration between academia and industry, adhering to the highest quality levels.​