University of Tartu Rector Alar Karis was right when he Chemicum new research from the runway to the house yesterday, the cornerstone of the assembly felt that the word ” siirdemeditsiin ” is quite alien to ordinary people.

So it really . But as it turns out , is just siirdemeditsiini at the heart of the man himself and his health.

University of Tartu, Faculty of Medicine , Professor of physiological genomics Sulev Kõks helped clarify by saying that siirdemeditsiinis meaning of the word ” transfer ” it to move from fundamental research to clinical application of knowledge and skills . Thus, borderline siirdemeditsiin R direction , which are combined to the clinical problem of fundamental solutions .

Three floors

University of Tartu, Tartu University, Mary siirdemeditsiinikeskus completed a three -storey manor Technology campus standing right next to Chemicum . Its area is 4790 square meters and the deadline for completion 2014. February

Centre name sounds briefly SIME.

UT Rector Alar Karis found it to be very nice , because it contains the word ” miracle “.

” When we opened a few years ago Chemicum , you talked about the fact that our own Nobel Prize can not be far away , ” he said . ” And now , since SIMEsse is inscribed like a miracle , the miracle is born you will probably already also that more and more scientists are able to alusteadusi connect with real life . ”

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tartu Joel Starkopf noted that although the construction of a new house is one – jokingly saying – in addition to the concern , then it is not really a concern , but still a pleasure and pride.

“This is an important day for the whole of Estonia. Quality health care for the first premise is a good level of medical training , “he said . ” It can only maintain this strong national medical research , which is based on international research. And it is precisely in this field that will help infrastructure will soon be born and nurtured. ”

On the question of what is still siirdemeditsiinikeskuses so special , that we , the cornerstone for putting such a solemn speeches we hear the professor replied Sulev Kõks that no other center in Estonia is not done siirdemeditsiinialaseid studies .

” The rising number of benefits for both medical research and medical science ,” he said.

Builds Nordecon

SIME construction will cost 8.7 million euros, of which 3.5 million will provide the foundation of the European Union Archimedes’ money. Building builds Nor AS – decon . The architectural component is designed in a U – Design , architects and Andrus Uko Künnap Vahrusev .

In addition to the installation of the cornerstone siirdemeditsiinikeskuse University yesterday signed a new physics building construction schedule , the building will be located there Viljandi highway 42 plot , taking in nearly 13,000 square feet.