The University of Tartu is seeking a senior level researcher (R3 or R4 level) to serve as the ERA Chair of Clinical Genomics and Personalized Medicine to lead a team of researchers within the National Centre for Translational Medicine (CTM).

The candidate should have experience in a R&D institution for at least 5 years post-doctoral period and have produced at least 20 papers during the last 5 years. We seek candidates with the following expertise: genetics of complex diseases; genetic epidemiology; analysis of animal models for complex diseases; experience in eQTL mapping.

Experience in managing a lab, budgeting and a successful track record in project writing are valuable.


The successful candidate should set up their own research group for translational genomics focusing of chronic inflammatory epithelial disorders and with a major focus on psoriasis, Crohn’s disease and psoriatic arthritis. The candidates’ background does not need to be clinical; the major focus should be on the experience in genomics and the analysis of genomics data (i.e. family studies, case-control studies, quantitative trait analysis and multifactorial inheritance). Experience in the use and analysis of NGS technologies is also necessary. The successful candidate is responsible for recruiting a research team and setting up the physical lab so that they can turn fundamental genomics into practically applicable solutions, such as in personalized medicine. The Chair is responsible for the generation and leading of the research group of chronic inflammatory epithelial diseases. This task needs collaboration with clinical departments. The Chair will also lead the development of a PhD curriculum in the topic and will undertake teaching and PhD supervision duties. The successful candidate will also be counted on to meet with business clusters, medical doctors, policy makers and other stakeholders to contribute to the advocacy of genomics and its applications in the health and biotechnology sector in Estonia.
Rights and responsibilities of the ERA Chair will include:
Responsibility for establishing and supervising research team: work with CTM to hire researchers for the team; arranging the physical layout of working space and identifying what other infrastructure needs exist; complete responsibility in supervising research team members (incl salaries, hiring and firing)
Helping to build the international recognition of UT by publishing independently as senior author on at least 10 peer-reviewed articles and participate in at least 10 others during the first five years; representing UT at various international conferences; attracting experts in related fields to visit and teach at UT; developing partnerships with other centres of translational genomics
Building the institutional capacity for the CTM/UT: submitting as lead scientist in at least three competitive EU-level or international research proposals and participate in three others during the 5 years of project funding (incl Horizon 2020, Marie Curie Actions, Innovative Medicines Initiatives); conducting seminars for other students, faculty and researchers working at the UT; participating in UT structures to help in the implementation of Estonia’s emerging smart specialization strategy
Increasing research excellence of UT in the field of genomics by designing the curriculum for a PhD program in translational genomics; teaching Master’s, PhD and Post-Doctoral students; leading at least eight internal workshops for researchers; supervising at least 10 PhD students
Represent the CTM to important stakeholder groups, including doctors, business clusters, policy makers and general public

Nr of positions available : 1

Research Fields

Medical sciences

Career Stage

Experienced researcher or 4-10 yrs (Post-Doc)

Research Profiles

Established Researcher (R3)


Salary/Contract Information: Contract will be for five years (the length of the EU supported ERA Chair project) with a competitive salary that is commensurate with experience of the applicant.