The Ministry of Education and Research together with the Estonian Academy of Sciences has launched a process of compiling the Estonian roadmap of research infrastructures. Proceeding from the research development trends in the world and in Estonia, the need for upgrading the already existing research infrastructures as well as the initiatives for setting up new research infrastructures will be mapped.

A roadmap is a long term (10-20 years) planning instrument that lists research infrastructures of national importance, either new or in need of upgrading. The roadmap will be updated regularly (at an interval of 3 to 5 years) to take into account the changing circumstances and opportunities. Including a research infrastructure into the roadmap does not mean that it will be funded nor ranked but the roadmap will be used as an input for the investment decisions under preparation.

Research infrastructures are „facilities”, “resources” and related “services” that are needed by the scientific community for the development of leading-edge research in the most efficient manner as well as for knowledge transmission, knowledge exchanges and knowledge preservation and cover major equipment, collections, archives and structured information, enabling ICT-based infrastructures, and any other entity of a unique nature used for research.