The National Centre of Translational and Clinical Research (CTM) is listed as an object in the Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap. The updated list of objects included in the Roadmap was approved by Estonian Government Order No 43 on February 14th, 2019.

The Research Infrastructure Roadmap is a list of investment objects that are important for the state. Estonian Research Council updates Roadmap objects periodically (every 3 years). CTM was also listed as a Roadmap object in a previous period.

The Roadmap includes physical objects, service-providing structures and memberships in international research projects. Establishing the objects included in the Roadmap offers Estonian researchers new possibilities to do leading-edge research in Estonia. Research Infrastructure Roadmap is not a funding plan. The aim of the Roadmap is to set out priorities in order to provide input to investment decisions.

Additional info:
Katrin Kaarna, Project Manager at CTM,