The goal of the National Centre of Translational and Clinical Research (CTM) for the period 2017-2020 is to develope a clinical research unit. In connection with that, the partners of the project (University of Tartu, Estonian University of Life Sciences and Tartu University Hospital) are developing the Clinical Research Centre. As a result of that, the total CTM’s structure will ensure the technologies and help desk needed for clinical and preclinical research.  This is going to enable to organize high standard health surveys in Estonia, which will improve our international impact.

Why in Tartu?
Tartu is the only city in Estonia with an university hospital – Tartu University Hospital. Both, University of Tartu and Tartu University Hospital, are widely known by clinial trials and clinical research in human health. In addition, the tight co-operation between the University and the University Hospital creates mutual synergy between preclinical and clinical research.