The general aim of CTM is to improve the quality and innovation in the health research in Estonia. The Centre brings together researchers working in different areas in health research, and combines competencies from diverse areas of medical research. CTM is a partner for the state, businesses and society to provide expertise in the field of health research.The National Centre of Translational and Clinical Research (CTM) is a national research infrastructure formed by the University of Tartu, Estonian University of Life Sciences and Tartu University Hospital in 2010. From the same moment, the Centre was added to the list of Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap. As a result of the first period, the Laboratory Animal Centre has been established. During the second period (2017-2020) we are developing services of Clinical Research Centre.

The vision of CTM is to implement Estonian research, development and innovation (R&D&I) strategy for health.

The mission of CTM is to ensure a high level medical research and efficient medical innovation in Estonia. In order to accomplish its mission, the Centre develops and maintains high-level internationally recognized infrastructure for the medical research. CTM aims to be a professional partner to various stakeholders (companies, government agencies, health care institutions, other organisations) and advise them in the field of health research.